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Do You Really Need to Run Premium Gas?


Selecting the Right Octane Fuel

Does it Really Matter What Octane I use?

So, you purchased a fly new ride but are starting to feel the pinch at the pump paying extra for premium fuel. Do you really need to use a higher octane premium fuel? Premium gas costs 15 to 20 cents per gallon more than regular. That extra can add $200 or more a year in extra costs depending on your driving habits.

The old adage is unless your engine is knocking, buying higher octane gasoline is a waste of money, but some vehicles actually require high-octane. Whats the best method to determine what your car requires? Continue reading Do You Really Need to Run Premium Gas?

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Air Conditioning Repair – Did I Get Ripped Off?

Recently I received a phone call from an acquaintance who experienced sticker shock from an unexpected air conditioning repair. Naturally they reached out to their “Car Guy” for a deeper understanding of the situation. Here’s what happened: while traveling on the highway a random knocking noise started under the hood. The noise came and went, but was getting louder and more consistent. The driver stopped, popped the hood, and pinpointed the location of the noise: the A/C compressor. Continue reading Air Conditioning Repair – Did I Get Ripped Off?

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1994-96 Buick Roadmaster Estate – Unicorn Hunting on a Budget

1994-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon

I don’t hunt. It’s not that I have anything against hunting, it’s just not my thing. What I do enjoy though is the thrill of the hunt. Looking for signs, following trails, maybe even laying out a bit of bait. My quarry isn’t four-legged though, but it is a lumbering beast of the American highways. In this case a Buick Roadmaster Estate.

Roadmaster_ad_1As a “Car Guy” one of the most common questions I get is “what car should I buy?” In this case I had a request for a modern unicorn: something that can haul a lot of people/stuff inside the car while being able to tow a decent sizer trailer AND deliver decent gas mileage (well, relatively decent at least). Oh, and no SUVs or minivans. Continue reading 1994-96 Buick Roadmaster Estate – Unicorn Hunting on a Budget

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Battery Corrosion Can Make Good Parts Look Bad

My wife called across the kitchen to me “our friend at church says her car’s alternator died, can you go save her?” Once word gets out that you are a “Car Guy” this kind of thing is normal. Luckily my wife understands that my mechanical gift must be shared, so the project begins. A quick phone call to the young lady nets the year/make/model of the car (a 2006 Toyota Matrix) and the suspected problem. The car was electrically dead at the moment, but the previous night she noticed that the headlights were growing increasingly dimmer as she drove. Sounds like a classic case of a dead alternator (or voltage regulator, but they are almost all internal today). Continue reading Battery Corrosion Can Make Good Parts Look Bad

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Welcome to Ask My Car Guys – If you have car questions, we have car answers!

We are launching our website in tandem with the Dream Big Grow Here small business competition in our area.  Since we are still developing the site you will notice that features will go live as we get them up and running.  Our first order of business is a form for you to submit the automotive question(s) you would like answered.  We will put a new post on the front page as soon as the form is live.

But now, help us fund our dream by voting for us in the Dream Big, Grow Here contest.

On the website below, select “Services and Hospitality” for contest.  For Sort by select “Dreamer”.  For Search enter Ask My Car.  When the page loads, scroll down until you see our dream. You will have to prove you are real person by logging into facebook (Click the log in to Facebook button).  Then you can vote. Sometimes it takes the voting website a few minutes to respond, so please be patient.  You can vote once a day this week.   The contest ends at 5pm CST with the category vote winner automatically advancing to the next round.  I am including a hyperlink to the Dream Big site in case you have trouble accessing the web page below.

Thank you in advance!